PRECISE – Penn Engineering

PRECISE is an division within Penn Engineering. They are recognized as leaders in technology and work with large corporations to solve real world problems in the fields of transportation, manufacturing and energy efficiency. The problem with their previous web presence was the lack on engagement. Our solution was to simplify the content structure and provide some design restrictions.
As a result the Research section now provides a greatly improved user experience design. The design solution incorporates lively geometric patterns and shapes which reference some of the engineering applications and processes. New WordPress functionality was built into the website as well, allowing the faculty to easily update the site and continually add new research articles.

PRECISE Research

The Research Section was redesigned to have several very visible links to the research areas. Interactive elements were added to make the experience more unique including UI design wordpress. Visit the website

Research Section

An updated style guide was provided allowing for a quick overview of the research section and the associated research papers.

Research Projects

A WordPress managed solution allows the client to insert research articles at any time.